On the pitch at Crusaders FC in north Belfast

On the pitch at Crusaders FC in north Belfast

Born in Liverpool in 1984, I was raised and schooled in Formby on Merseyside. A pleasant and really rather affluent town, it’s the kind of place you’re lucky to grow up in – safe, quiet and with some wonderful amenities on the doorstep.

From 2003-2006, I studied Politics & International Relations at Lancaster University and then spent 2006-2007 studying for a Master’s in Conflict Resolution at the same institution. I think the courses I chose reflect my interest in the wider world and different cultures as much as they reflect a particular passion for politics. I wanted to understand the world around me, and I think that’s what I was trying to do. I would not say I was any the wiser by this point!

My biggest passion in life is travel, both within my own country and beyond it. I don’t feel I’ve been to as many places as I’d like, and I hope there are countless other adventures lying ahead. Thus far, I can tick off the United States, Spain, Greece, Italy (and the Vatican City – it’s a separate sovereign state!), India, the Netherlands, Cyprus, Germany and the Republic of Ireland (yes, I’m counting it). You can also add one unrecognised but de facto independent state to that list – the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.

In April 2013, I moved to France to take up a job in media. A permanent move, I had the joy of calling the gorgeous little town of Castres – about an hour’s drive east of Toulouse – home. Living abroad was a dream, and it had come true. However, it wasn’t to last. Company restructuring saw the whole team relocated to Belfast just five months later.

As I hope this blog will demonstrate, things have turned out quite well on the whole.

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